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Black Friday Deals: 15% Off blabla Kids

From now until Monday, get 15% off at my very favorite store for dolls and stuffed animals and get free shipping. My daughters are lucky to have a few blabla dolls and they look so charming in their bedroom.

Lola the Rocker is one of their newer dolls.

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Happy Thanksgiving from blogtownmom!

I just asked my four-year-old what she is thankful for and she said, “My sister, Mommy, Daddy and everybody in the whole wide world”. Tthen, she said, “And I’m thankful for my jewelry and I’m thankful for myself”. I think that sums it up well!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and thank you for reading blogtownmom!

(Image from Any Occasion Banners by Heather)

Black Friday Deals: the Best Toys “R” Us In-Store Prices

Check out these incredible deals on toys. To get these prices,  you have to brave the crowds and go to the store, but I think it’s worth it! The sale starts Thursday night at 9:00 pm and last for two days. Happy shopping!

My daughter would flip for the above Disney Princess Magic Moments Castle – $19.99, from $49.99.

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Black Friday Deals: Gap Kids and Gap Baby

The Gap’s Black Friday sale is making me a little giddy. We honestly don’t need a thing, but there are some fabulous deals to be found. Here is a sampling of my favorite deals, but there are so many more. Soooo many more. Try to hold yourself back…

The above Gap Embellished Logo Hoodie has a glittery logo and fleece lined, faux fur trim hood. This sweatshirt would go with everything your little snow bunny wears. Available in four colors. Now $15.98.

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Black Friday Deals: 15% Off at Alphabet Plates

There are tons of personalized kids items out there, but Alphabet Plates lets you not only personalize a plate with a child’s name, but with their favorite food, too. With their kidfood Plates, you can choose from an assortment of obvious favorite foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza, cookies, ice cream and a few unusual ones like tofu, sushi and broccoli. (You could even buy the broccoli plate to get your child excited about eating broccoli!)

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Black Friday Deals: 50% Off Carter’s

The Black Friday deals are HERE! A lot of people might poo-poo big box stores like Carter’s, but Carter’s has some seriously stylish clothes and right now and they’re all 50% off. So, put that in your turkey and stuff it! I just bought these clothes for my four-year-old. The colors are cheerful and fresh; just perfect for keeping up our spirits during the grey months and will take us right through the spring.

I love the vibrant colors in the above Knit Print Dress. The reviews say it’s lightweight, but for $13 I’ll save it for spring.

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This Weekend We…

This weekend we enjoyed the unbelievably warm November weather. We rode our bikes to a neighbor’s house. (Well, I pushed one and the other sort of rode/walked her balance bike.) I met another neighbor for the first time who has older kids. She watched my girls playing in a leaf pile and wistfully said, “It goes so fast”. I know it’s true. The past four and two years have both sped by and crawled. But, every time someone remarks how “it goes so fast”, my heart aches.

By the way, you probably can’t see it in the below photo, but my oldest daughter got her face painted at a birthday party. Just so you know. It’s not make-up or frosting or markers. You probably didn’t think that. But, now you know.

In other news, I noticed that my daughters’ bathtub princesses were covered, and I mean COVERED, in mold. I used to take them out of the tub to dry after we used them, but, then, I started leaving them sticking out of the soap holder when we were finished. Oops. Major mold. They looked like they had the plague. In between their legs. It was horrifying. But, with a little bleach, scrubbing and soaking, they’re like new.

What did you do this weekend?

Clothes That Say, “Yay, Winter!”

It’s getting cold out there and I’m looking forward to bundling up my kiddos and enjoying the winter wonderland that will soon be outside my front door. Below is a round-up of winter inspired clothes that celebrate the season.

I love the above Good Boy T-Shirt for toddlers. There are a lot of tees with the same “be good for Santa” sentiment, but this one says it with plenty of style. $9.90

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Every Day a Play Day: Day Four

I accepted the Every Day a Play Day Week Challenge from Polarn O. Pyret and Active Kids Club. I will be enjoying the outdoors with my kids every day this week (no matter what the weather) and sharing our adventures with you. I will also post my daily adventures on their Facebook page. The blogger with the most votes gets $200 Polarn O. Pyret gift certificate, so please visit their Facebook Page and vote for my posts this week (by “liking them”). You can win prizes, too, by posting your adventures with your kids on the Facebook Page. Have fun outside!

Day Four: Today’s weather in Westchester, NY is colder than it’s been for a few weeks and very gloomy. It’s not a day I would typically spend time outside. What I’ve learned from the Every Day a Play Day, is that even just ten minutes outside can really lift me and my kids’ moods. I guess I knew that before this week, but it’s nice to have it reinforced. And knowing something doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it!

Something else I’ve learned, is that you don’t need a grand plan to take your kids outside to play. You don’t even need to go anywhere. My girls were very happy to play with some wet leaves today. They dipped the leaves in a puddle while I snapped photos. They were so absorbed in their game, they didn’t even know I was there.

Then, my older daughter did the “I don’t want to go inside dance” which means she danced around singing, “I don’t want to go inside!”

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The Coolest, Warmest Sweaters for Kids

Sweater weather is here and there are so many fabulous sweaters for kids, you’ll be almost glad it’s cold outside. Since we’re still in November, I’m in the “newly wed” stage of winter. I’m excited about it. I love all the winter looks for kids and can’t wait to dress my kids like chic, little snow bunnies. Pick up a few of the sweaters featured in this post and you’ll be ready for a very stylish and warm winter!

I love the classic stripes and toggle in the above sweater. It somehow manages to look just right for the holidays, but with a little nautical thrown in. The Striped Sweater with Toggle is $35.90.

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