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Diane von Furstenberg and Gap Kids

The word is out about Diane von Furstenberg’s collaboration with Gap Kids and baby Gap. The collection hits stores March 15 with t-shirt dresses, tank tops, leggings, shorts swimwear in bold prints and colors for our pint size to age 14 fashionistas. Look out for coordinating sunglasses, sun hats, beach bags and espadrilles, too!

The legendary wrap dress has been reinvented for kids with a higher waist in cotton or jersey. Incorporated in the collection will be vintage prints and iconic Furstenberg’s prints.

I love the casual, colorful vibe of the two dresses shown above and below and I can’t wait to see more. Find out more at the Gap.

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DIY Headbands: Easy, Fab and Fun

My daughter saw a headband decorating kit at Target and won’t stop asking me to buy it. It looks kind of lame to me and it got me thinking, if I were a fab DIY crafting type, I’m sure I could figure out how to decorate head bands that would blow that kit out of the water. Well, I’m not.

But, the uber cool gals at DosFamily are. I love their DIY Headband post and the beautiful photos that would make any four-year-old weak with sparkle, glitter, feather, pom pom happiness! Basically, they took a boring old headband and glued stuff on. I could that!

In fact, a headband making party would be really fun, too. Check out the full post on DosFamily.

Popatu Rolling Backpacks: The Cutest Way to Fly

Popatu Rolling Backpacks have probably been around for awhile, but I just heard of them. I can’t think of a better way for my two girls to carry their stuff to Grandma’s tomorrow. If I had the time, I might just run out and buy two.

With most Popatu bags, you don’t have to pack a favorite stuffed friend because the bag comes with one strapped on and ready to go. Carry the bag as a backpack or roll it behind you. I know which choice most kids would prefer. The rolling bag craze is still going strong and kids love to copy each other.

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Carter’s Spring Collection 40% Off Sale

Carter’s spring collection is now 40% off in their stores and on-line. With their graphic prints and bold colors, I kind of lost my mind at the store yesterday. We’re going to visit my mom in Florida next week and I thought that was the perfect excuse to shop. Looky at what I bought yesterday for my girls…

The color blue in the above dress reminds me of the perfect ocean. The soft cotton is comfortable and perfect for every day and the length is good, too, because there aren’t shorts inside. The 40% sale price is  $13.20. Seriously!

I love the bright colors in this skirt and the neon yellow tulle at the bottom. It’s just full enough to feel girly and twirly. Also available in other prints. Sale price is $13.20.

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What Every Baby Needs Closing Sale

As of February 3, What Every Baby Needs will be closing its virtual doors. I have written for their blog, reviewed countless items from the store and shopped their fabulous brands like Scout, Kiwi Industries and 3 Sprouts. (Half the store is currently hanging in my daughters’ closet.) I’m sad that they are closing, but I’m not done shopping!

The inventory is now 50% off (with code: GREATBUY), but sizes are limited, so shop now. This is what I’m thinking about buying… Don’t beat me to it!

The above Kiwi Industries Fall Frock is so lovely. Buy it now, if your child wears a 2T or save it until she does!

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Harajuku Mini’s Spring Collection for Target

Gwen Stefani’s second Harajuku Mini collection is now available at Target and I know exactly what will reduce my daughter to a begging, pleading, whimpering, embarrassing pile on the floor of Target. Mermaids!

I can see the new Harajuku Mini collection flying off the shelves as I write this review. Little girls will go crazy for the mermaids, boys will want the pirates and bigger girls will love the hip, nautical style.

This is what you should purchase, right now, from the new Harajuku Mini Collection before it sells out…

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Creative Toy Storage (I Never Would Have Thought of These!)

I have organization on my mind these days and found a bunch of creative storage ideas for toys. I love the idea of displaying a collection of toys in an attractive way. Of course, you can’t keep all toys in view, but a collection here and there can look like high design.

I can’t tell you whether the above house was purchased or made because the original blog is in Spanish. But, I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to make something like this, if you have wood working skills (not me!), or finding an equivalent in a thrift store. I even like the idea of buying wooden boxes from Michael’s and painting them bright colors.

More creative toy storage after the jump…

Clean Up.. Clean Up… Everybody, Everywhere…

Okay, now what? It’s after Christmas and our shelves and toy boxes runneth over! We have too many books, too many stuffed animals and far too many dolls. (How did we end up with so many dolls?!) I wish Santa would have brought us some of these…

I love these Rugby Storage Bins for toys. The bold stripes are a refreshing change from typical kid colors. Available in two sizes: $9.99 – $14.99.


More toy storage after the jump…

Sale Alert: 50% Off Garnet Hill’s Holiday Rollneck Sweaters

Pssst. Guess what? Garnet Hill’s Holiday Rollnecks are 50% off today. These are the holiday sweaters I reviewed on Momtrends. These whimsical cotton sweaters are Garnet Hill’s “sale of the day” and they’re only $24 each. Best of all, since there isn’t a Santa or a reindeer, they won’t need to go into hibernation after December 25.

Holiday Sweaters You’ll Love All Winter

Long gone are those tacky holiday sweaters from the 80′s. if you want one, you can only find them on e-bay. Today’s holiday sweaters are playful and have a sense of humor or are just simple enough to hint at the holidays. Check out my round-up of holiday sweaters for boys and girls on Momtrends.