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Mommy and Me Holiday Dresses

I reviewed coordinating holiday dresses for Moms and daughters on Momtrends. It was fun envisioning myself and my two little girls in these fabulous dresses. Have you ever dressed your child to match your outfit? I’ve never done it, but I could see myself doing it for holiday photos or a holiday party. I wouldn’t want to wear exactly the same dress, just dresses that look fantastic standing next to each other. I was invited to a holiday party this year, so I really should buy something festive to wear. Read the review and I’ll show you my favorite dress!

Black Friday Deals: Gap Kids and Gap Baby

The Gap’s Black Friday sale is making me a little giddy. We honestly don’t need a thing, but there are some fabulous deals to be found. Here is a sampling of my favorite deals, but there are so many more. Soooo many more. Try to hold yourself back…

The above Gap Embellished Logo Hoodie has a glittery logo and fleece lined, faux fur trim hood. This sweatshirt would go with everything your little snow bunny wears. Available in four colors. Now $15.98.

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Black Friday Deals: 50% Off Carter’s

The Black Friday deals are HERE! A lot of people might poo-poo big box stores like Carter’s, but Carter’s has some seriously stylish clothes and right now and they’re all 50% off. So, put that in your turkey and stuff it! I just bought these clothes for my four-year-old. The colors are cheerful and fresh; just perfect for keeping up our spirits during the grey months and will take us right through the spring.

I love the vibrant colors in the above Knit Print Dress. The reviews say it’s lightweight, but for $13 I’ll save it for spring.

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Clothes That Say, “Yay, Winter!”

It’s getting cold out there and I’m looking forward to bundling up my kiddos and enjoying the winter wonderland that will soon be outside my front door. Below is a round-up of winter inspired clothes that celebrate the season.

I love the above Good Boy T-Shirt for toddlers. There are a lot of tees with the same “be good for Santa” sentiment, but this one says it with plenty of style. $9.90

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The Coolest, Warmest Sweaters for Kids

Sweater weather is here and there are so many fabulous sweaters for kids, you’ll be almost glad it’s cold outside. Since we’re still in November, I’m in the “newly wed” stage of winter. I’m excited about it. I love all the winter looks for kids and can’t wait to dress my kids like chic, little snow bunnies. Pick up a few of the sweaters featured in this post and you’ll be ready for a very stylish and warm winter!

I love the classic stripes and toggle in the above sweater. It somehow manages to look just right for the holidays, but with a little nautical thrown in. The Striped Sweater with Toggle is $35.90.

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Make Every Day a Play Day

I accepted the Every Day a Play Day Week Challenge from Polarn O Pyret and Active Kids Club. I will be enjoying the outdoors with my kids every day this week (no matter what the weather) and sharing our adventures with you. I will also post my daily adventures on their Facebook page. The blogger with the most votes gets $200 Polarn O Pyret gift certificate, so please visit their facebook page and vote for my posts this week! Thanks!

You can write about your outdoor adventures with your kids on the Polarn O Pyret facebook page, too, and for every post made this week, they will donate to the National Wildlife Federation’s “Be Out There” campaign.

To start the challenge, today my daughter helped me with some yard work. I raked the leaves and she played in the leaves. I really couldn’t blame her. Who can resist a big pile of dried leaves?

Today was another absolutely perfect fall day, so it was easy being outside. Can I get my daughters excited about playing outside in bad weather? Maybe we’ll find out this week… I don’t know what will happen!

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UmiTex is Waterproof and Chic for Everyday

I’ve been searching for a boot my daughter can wear in the rain, snow and indoors. So, when I laid eyes on these sweet boots with hearts, I did a little happy dance. I knew she would be thrilled to wear them and I wouldn’t have to buy separate snow boots, rain boots and boots for dresses. My little fashion plate can wear her UmiTex Boots with dresses or skirts in any kind of weather old man winter throws at us. Whether she’s climb snow banks, jumping in puddles or spending the morning in preschool, these are no-brainer boots.

UmiTex boots and shoes for big kids offer a breathable construction that allows feet to breath and wicks away moisture while keeping feet warm and dry. With three chic styles for girls and four styles for boys.

The above Ballari are available in pink and black. (Guess which one we got?) I love the funky nylon and suede outside and soft, furry pink lining. And, of course, the heart.

Baylle is available in purple, chocolate and black. These are so sporty and sophisticated, I wish they came in my size. The slip-on style makes them a cinch to get on and off without Mommy’s help.

The uber cool Trosen are available in the above iron and, also, chocolate and offers extra traction for maneuvering snow and ice.

The Moabb will keep up with your adventurer warm and dry in any kind of weather. Extra traction helps with snow and ice. Available in the above brown and dashing navy.

See more UmiTex at Umi Shoes.

(Blogotownmom was not paid for this post. We did receive a pair of boots to review.)

My Daughter’s New Favorite Dress by Zutano

Recently, I was invited to see Zutano’s spring 2012 collection and was given a gift card as a “thank you”. I have been cherishing this gift card, but I couldn’t hold onto it for a second longer! My daughter’s favorite dress is too thin for cold weather and every day she begs to wear it. I had to find a replacement.

I saw the perfect dress on Zutano’s website. Unfortunately, when I first showed it to her, her reaction was “No! I only like pink and purple!” Then, I showed it to her again on the section of the site called Uli’s Picks. In this section, Uli, Zutano’s founder, puts together her favorite Zutano looks. My daughter’s face lit up. “I love it!” she exclaimed.

So, even a four-year-old can see Uli’s creative genius! I never would have thought of pairing striped leggings with this flowery dress, but I absolutely love the playful charm of the different prints. Best of all, the dress and leggings are made from 100% Interlock cotton which is much more substantial than the cotton on her former favorite dress.

I am happy to report that Zutano’s Moonflower Pleat Dress is girly enough to please my purple loving four-year-old. She might not appreciate the combination of vibrant colors against a navy background, but she will love having a new favorite dress she can wear all winter.

Visit Zutano and see more fashion that can be worn all winter long. (Because winter is very long, right?)

(Blogtownmom was not paid for this post. I received a gift card to purchase this lovely dress.)

What’s New at Little Rue (Prepare to Drool!)

Little Rue, the kids’ discount shopping site, has some really good stuff right now. Take a gander and I bet you’ll be as tempted as me. The shipping is $9.95, but you don’t have to pay shipping again for the rest of the month, so join the site (for free) and take advantage of the sales. Prices are about half the original price, so the shipping is worth it.

Today’s sales include Masala Baby Clothes (so yummy!), Melissa and Doug toys and Umi Shoes, my favorite kids’ shoe brand…

Masala Baby designs dresses with sophisticated colors and patterns that also happen to be girly enough for my daughter. Fabrics are from India and clothes are made using traditional Indian techniques. The above Masala Fez Medallion Dress is unbelievably gorgeous. I could hang this dress on my wall! Rue’s price is $39.90 from $80.00.

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The Best Winter Coats on Sale

If you haven’t found the perfect winter coat for your child yet, you are smart to wait! The deals on outerwear right now are incredible. I don’t know why I always buy clothes for my kids months before they need them. I have to remember to wait until the season starts to get the best sales! Here are a few of my favorites coats at amazing prices…

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