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The Joyful Owl’s Quirky Nature Prints for Kids

I feel so inspired by the beautiful spring weather. My girls have been playing in their sandbox every day. They figured out how to use the hose and they like to make a pond in the sand, take off their shoes and get really wet and dirty. Meanwhile, I’m planting flowers and pulling weeds.


For the past five years (since I started having kids), I couldn’t be outside without watching them every second. Turning my attention to gardening (I’m just learning) is such a feeling of freedom! Of course, they’re constantly fighting which drives me nuts. But, nothing’s perfect!

I saw these quirky prints by The Joyful Owl and they reminded me of my girls getting close to nature in their sandbox. I love how they capture the wonder of playing outside.

I also really like the prints with animals you won’t find in your backyard. I would hang a series starting with the frogs or bees and then going into the more whimsical and outrageous animals. Too cute!

Speaking of rhinos, have you been to the Bronx Zoo (or your closest zoo) lately? The rhinos in the membership room are incredible. They’re HUGE! They don’t even look real. (They also looked a little sad, but that’s another story!)

It’s really important to me that my kids love the outdoors and, although, I’m not exactly Mrs. Earthy Crunchy, I want to install a love for nature in them. Being outdoors brings me so much pleasure and try to inspire them to spend more and more time outside with me.

Speaking of which, my husband will be doing some hard core yard work today so we’ll be in our backyard. Maybe we’ll see some frogs.

Find these lovely prints at The Joyful Owl.

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